Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gimp Game

Source:Jak and Jil
Source: Because Im Addicted

Source:Burkman Bros
Remember back in the days when we rode the school bus holding endless conversation with your BFF about the cutest guy at school while braiding your gimp to your keychain? Who would have known a decade later we would be wearing it as a bracelet? Kanye West was seen performing at Coachella with the same woven bracelets seen above by the Burkman Brothers. Here's the kicker, for just $30.00 you can get a mix of 3 bracelets and because I got people's (well. not really) I found a great site to DIY.

You’ll need:
- a curb link bracelet- embroidery thread
- two bobby pins
- a pair of scissors

Click Here to get more information on the DIY Woven Chain Bracelet.

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